2022 Summer News…

We are starting to work on the e-commerce system to adapt it to the many changes required by the latest WordPress updates.

We will take advantage of this period to change many things within the system.

Main changes will concern the assignment and the issuing of licenses and management access to licensing updates and downloads

We are still working around these changes, and we estimate to finish the job at June, 30, so it is possible that something can stp working sometimes.

If this happen, don’t worry, just open a ticket and we’lll be glad to give al support you need 😉

Thank you for patience and cooperation.

Jens & Marco

Licenses Requests and Activation

for the whole of 2022 the licenses will be issued manually upon request to be performed via ticket.

we already started this method a couple of week ago.

We have seen that this way is much easier for many people and also allows us to keep a copy of the license issued in our archives since many users lose it. 😉

In this way, if a user loses or needs to recover his license key he can do it simply by entering the original ticket with which he made the request.

Access to Purchase and Extended Support

The idea is to activate an annual membership that allows the user to access their account if the subscription is active.

In practice, customers who purchase a full license will have access for 12 months to their customer area to:

  • Downloads Updates/ New versions
  • Purchase additional licenses at discounted prices
  • Open ticket for Premium Support

at the end of the 12  months the customer will still be able to access their personal area but will no longer have access to downloads of the latest versions and priority support requests

Of course he will be able to renew the membership for 12 additnal months at a min imal fee, exactly as actually is done via “External Support”

The main difference is that anythiong will be reside under ONE access and membership