4.2 Update – New licensing system and Catalina Ready

Hear the post 😉

OLD Customer (people who has purchase Livetraker BEFORE 05 November 2019) :

Please FULL READ LAST section this article!

- New feature: Livetraker is compatible with MacOS Catalina

we’ve solve issues about misreading ID from Catalina Bugs. About incompatibility on 32 Bit applications, we remember that Livetraker is 64bit native, so no issues.

- New licensing System (read carefully)

You asked , we hear and we’ve done!

Now you can install and activate Livetraker on a removable drive, like Usb pen or a SD Card .

This way you can run the application from multiple computer systems with same operating system (no cross device, a license for MAC will NOT run on a Windows machine).

No need to ask for transferring licenses, just plug the Activated Livetraker SD Card into another computer and you’re ready to go. If you want to install directly into your computers you can do that but it will require to purchase additional licenses


two important points for you:

Actual licenses will remain valid and running until you will NOT upgrade to 4.2!!

if you upgrade to 4.2 the system will reset your old licenses (till version 4.11) because installing livetraker on a removable device you’ll be able to use ONE license in EVERY computer you own, so you dont need anymore to activate a license on each computer: just move the License (Usb Pen or Sd Card)

the new 4.2 license to install Livetraker into a removable media (Usb Drive, SD card) can be request as usual from your Account at

Detailed instructions here

optional services like update downloads and/or premium support will remain untouched

For previous reason we will never transfer a license from a computer starting from 01 November 2019: no exception at all!!

If you don’t to move to V4.2 Just don’t install 4.2 and your 4.1.x version will continue running into your activated computers.

READ AGAIN: if you upgrade to 4.2 the 4.1.x actual licenses will STOP working and from that point you’ll be able to use ONE license to all your computers (using ONE UsbPen or Sd Card)

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