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About Us & Project History

About us

Livetraker© (before AKA stagetracker) is AIO software for managing backing tracks, specifically designed for live music bands needs. 

We have thousands of customers worldwide but we ant to become the referEnce product for live bands, musicians, performers.

The project born in Germany in 2010 from RaiseAudio Company and was acquired in 2017 by BizRound LLC, 1521 Concord Pike #303, Wilmington, Delaware 19803, USA.

We revamped the entire project, from website to marketing strategy, but mainly we started the total re-coding of original application. 

After two years of development, Livetraker V4 has been finally released worldwide, for Mac and Windows platforms, with a completely new GUI,  100% new core code and the amazing VIDEO feature.

We still developing, fixing and improving the actual release, because V4 will be the “base concept” for all future modules and/or version.

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