What is Livetraker?

What is Livetraker?  


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Livetraker is a software designed to allow music bands the entire management of a live concert.

Sequences, Backtracks, Lyrics, videos, midi commands and much more can be managed with a single computer and without the need for a dedicated person.

Livetraker is the only software born with this operational purpose.

Many bands use software or too limited (like some iOS apps) or dedicated to live recording (for example Ableton Live).

These applications are NOT the solution 🙁 because are NOT created for this purpose!

Often the artists, in the lack of a concrete alternative, use (improperly) these tools … which are certainly excellent, but cannot reach the level of completeness, reliability, and ease of use of Livetraker.

Livetraker manages an entire program even on consumer level machine.

Video management is one of Livetraker’s strengths: up to 3 different external screens can be managed simultaneously, for an impressive stage effect, but.

Today a projection screen and a video projector have very affordable costs and thanks to Livetraker they will be able to make the leap in the quality of the live show of many bands.

Livetraker supports 99% of existing audio interfaces and is ASIO compatible.

32 outputs (16 stereo couples) are available, so the click for drummers and musicians will no longer be a problem, given the great availability of tracks and outputs!

Livetraker can manage unlimited audio tracks, each of which has its own mixing parameters and a series of non-destructive realtime digital effects, such as equalizer, compressor, reverb, delay.

Lyrics are managed through an integrated editor, clean and fast, which allows you to customize each line: you can create the classic “electronic hunchback” in just a few clicks.

Livetraker obviously has a complete set dedicated to the management of Midi commands, perfect for commanding program changes and / or effects on keyboards or digital devices. MTC is 100% supported.

Still, via midi, it is possible to connect any DMX unit for lighting control, fireworks, special effects such as confetti shoots etc …

The song management is as powerful as it is simple to use, even taking various media from different devices (video, audio, etc …) and then integrating texts and effects, once saved you will get a simple folder containing the whole project.

All configurations are saved in a single small file (with p4 suffix), while the original media will never be modified.

The dual nature of MAC and Win allows you to easily transfer a lineup (full or partial) from one machine to another, even with different operating systems: just swap folders and everything works beautifully!

Livetraker is cheap because it is a project designed by musicians FOR musicians … even at the price !!

Thanks to Livetraker, even the small band will now be able to professionally manage everything they need, facilitating the performance of an excellent show.

The Project

Livetraker project was born in Germany in 2010, then taken over by the Bizround Company in 2017 (Delaware, USA).

Since then the technical breakthrough has arrived, switching to the new version 4, with a completely rewritten engine and GUI in the code.

The actual release is even more stable than the previous and compatible with the new generations of hardware and software.

Lots of improvements are planned for next year, also from a marketing perspective, because we plan to start to participate do distribute our product via retailers and resellers worldwide, plus starting having a presence on a selection on music fair in Europe.

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