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28/01/2020 7:46 pm  

This forum is community driven, not for specific issues and /or asking for tailored Tech solution.

Customer that has a valid active extended support subbription are able to open a aticket here to receive direct (Premium) Support from our helpdesk.

Do NOT ask for:

  • license activation
  • check your license
  • specific tech issue on our computer
  • discount or promotion
  • balance or velidity of your Livetraker account

because the post will be deleted accordly.

Use the Forum to ask how to improve your usage of Livetraker, as well issue are you encountering during use and/or configuration and/or installation

Ask to more expert technicians and musicians how they use Livetraker at their best

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If you have Presales Questions, Ask now! Please do NOT ask support here, just open a ticket at our helpdesk.
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