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Livetraker V4 comes with a full-featured text editor with the ability to display time-programmable text passages. Setlists can be quickly created and saved during the performance.


Livetraker V4 is ASIO compatible and support almost all audio interfaces u to 64 outputs (32 stereo couples). Unlimited audio tracks each one equipped with mixer, equalizer, compressor, reverb, delay. All effects are not destructive. 


Manage multiple video tracks, assign them up to 3 external monitors! With Livetraker you’llbe able to use video like a PRO on stage, without the related expenses


Livetraker V4 supports also a complete set of programmable MIDI commands. Launch program changes on a keyboard or control light via a DMX interface.


Unlimited Audio tracks

  • All tracks include a realtime mixing sections: Equalizer / Compressor / Reverb / Delay.
  • Subgroup routing of Audio and Midi tracks
  • 8 Monitor subgroup-mixer for individual mono/stereo mixes
  • Audio output up to 32 stereo channels / 64 mono channels

Unlimited Midi Tracks

  • Midi are used only for playback. 
  • Midi remote control of play/stop, song up/down, switch internal lyric to full screen, etc.

Unlimited Click Tracks

4 Video Out

  • manage 1 internal + 3 external videos for Lyrics and video Tracks

Unlimited Video Tracks

Lyrics and Videos

  • system can handle 1 internal + 3 external Video screens, each one with a different video track. 
  • Actual supported video formats: WMV, MOV, AVI.  
  • MP4 is partially supported due to compression used. 

Unlimited Lyric tracks

  • Import Text from  docs or midifile or paste from clipboard. 
  • Text editor to format any part of text (colours, bold,etc…). 
  • Sync Text with a simple click of mouse in realtime and even change and modify text during playback.

 Unlimited Midi Control tracks

  • you can send single midi messages at a specific time position

 Unlimited Track Locators

  • you can pause the song when reaching a specific time position

Track-view & Sequencer-view

  • in Sequencer View you’ll be able to manage delay on your tracks using a timeline, just like into a Daw

Unlimited Song and Playlist Management

  • Song sidelist feature (like in a dj-app). 
  • Setlist (bank) with unlimited number of songs (programs). 
  • Create and use genre filters for fast song search
  • Search Function
  • Midi clock output / midi timecode output
  • ASIO© driver support
  • MAC© or Windows© version available 



our main simple, no frills” interface was engineered by hearing hundreds of feedbacks from live musicians, worldwide.

No “fancy” buttons, but BIG ones: perfect for who PLAY live!

This is the more fast , usable and easy interface we’ve realized till now.

You will be able to access anything with few clicks.

Low learning curve assured: you will be able to start working live in minutes!


with sequencer View you’ll be able to have a overall “Eye Bird Fly” of any tracks you’re using, their position and lenght

You can move any single tracks like into a DAW, to change its position start and so on. You can add realtime effects like EQ and Compressor and save it instantly with the song without altering the original file. 

You will be able to manage VISUALLY any kind of tracks: audio, video, midi, clicks, text


easily assign any tracks to subrouting mix. Drag ‘n ‘ Drop is support for an easy organization and/or replacement

Active solo and/or mute for each track on the fly, remove and add tracks even when system is playing!

As in Sequencer View, you can add realtime effects like EQ and Compressor and save it instantly with the song without altering the original file. Set MTC, Metronome Click, Midi controller Tracks …you can do anything!


insert, edit, create, format and set timing for text directly fro the interated editor, where you can change size, colours, Bold effects and more..

You can also choose the type of move from Flip, Scroll, block and manual too. Assign a timing is a snap, just click in realtime when do you want the text will appear on screen



this is the “control panel” where you are able to assign anything to anywhere !

Subgroup routing of Audio and Midi tracks, 8 Monitor subgroup-mixer for individual mono/stereo mixes, Audio output up to 32 stereo channels and/or 64 mono channels.


Set your main global controls into a single location: almost everything you need to set is here: general setting, assignments, routing, external video sources

Setting your Shortkeys to navigate in custom way into the system or chaining external hardware. Set all midi command , input, clock, remote control and more



V4 PRO system can handle 1 internal + 3 external Video screens, each one with a different video track. 

Supported video formats: WMV, MOV, AVI, MP4.

Lyrics video text screen are independent from Video Out tracks, that means you can have 3 video on videowall + all lyrics on your stage monitor


Operating System

  • Mac Version: OS X 10.9 and higher
  • Win version: Windows 10 and higher

Size of software

  • approx 60Mbytes (V.4.3)

Minimal Hardware

(to run simple show : for example one video and max 4 audio tracks)

  • 2.0 GHz dual Processor
  • 4Gbram
  • Mechanic hard disk (strongly suggested at least 7200rpm)

Optimal Hardware

  • Intel i5 or superior
  • 8Gb RAM
  • SSD hard Disk
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