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03/17/2020 18:21  

I've been trying to up update my Livetraker software to the latest 4.4.0 version and have followed the instructions given in the forum, however clicking on the download link in my account area only sends me to the Livetraker website homepage where I can purchase the software all over again - also one of my available downloads on my account is used up when I do that.  As I have tried this a couple of times I suspect I now have none left even though I have downloaded nothing.  My license is valid until May 2020.

Support links appear to be broken as well, as I see a 404 error when I try to enter a ticket.

Please advise on how to update Livetraker on my system now that the procedure outlined in the forum doesn't seem to work.



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03/17/2020 19:01  


we update GUI of support desk, probably you opened a ticket during a server rebooting

please open a ticket with your order data and we'll solve your issue quickly

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