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A software specially designed for the management of musical Live Performances, available for Windows and Mac Osx, which allows you to manage Audio, Texts, Videos, Midi, Clicks and much more.

Many bands use systems that are either too limited (mobile / tablet apps) or complex solutions that are not designed for this purpose, such as sequencers.

These software are not the solution because they are not born for this purpose, therefore often the artists, the lack of a concrete alternative, use (improperly) these tools that cannot reach the level of completeness, reliability and ease of use of Livetraker.

LIVETRAKER manages to manage an entire programming even on consumer level notebooks.

Video management is one of LIVETRAKER's strengths: up to 3 different external screens can be managed simultaneously, for an impressive stage effect, but without the costs of managing it.

LIVETRAKER supports 99% of existing audio interfaces and is ASIO compatible. As many as 32 mode outputs (16 stereo) are available.

LIVETRAKER can manage unlimited audio tracks, each of which has its own mixer and a series of non-destructive realtime digital effects, such as equalizer, compressor, reverb, delay.

The texts are managed through an integrated, clean and fast editor, which allows you to customize each single line and create the classic "Electronic Hunchback" in just a few clicks.

LIVETRAKER has a complete set dedicated to the management of Midi commands, perfect for controlling program changes and / or effects , keyboards , digital devices or connect any DMX control unit to control the lights or special effects. MTC is 100% supported. 

Song management is as powerful and simple to use. You can select different media (video, audio etc..), integrating texts and effects . Once saved you will get a simple folder containing the whole project and a copy of original media files, that will not be modified at all.

All configurations are saved in a single small file with .P4 suffix.

The entire software has a tiny 60Mb in size and configuration files are generally under 50kb!!

The dual nature of MAC and WINDOWS allows you to easily transfer a ladder from one machine to another. No conversion or incompatibility problems, just swap folders and everything works perfectly!

The UNLIMITED LIVETRAKER License allows you to use a single installation on all your computers. By simply installing the software on an SD Card or a USB PenDrive you will always have access to the software on any machine, without the need to purchase multiple licenses.

This solution allowed to contain the size of LIVETRAKER in just 60 MB! (yes, you read that right), a result that allows the software to load 100% in the Ram memory of the host computer, thus guaranteeing maximum execution speed.

LIVETRAKER does not install any proprietary driver or codec: use those available on the host machine!

Thanks to LIVETRAKER even the small band will now be able to professionally manage everything they need, favoring the execution of an excellent show.

 Check features here

Watch Video Intro here> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peb7Fk6_Ot8


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