How to clone Lyrics or Video Screen with Livetraker

Hear the post!

well, you really don’t need to clone effectively a Lyric Tracks…because you can just split the video out signal.

In this post I will show how to implement the solution we see in below video of a concert by Caporali Coraggiosi (my band…), where there are two Lyrics screens working together:

You will only need two HDMI cable+a video splitter, very cheap and easy to implement.

The solution used in the video is composed of two good quality HDMI cables (one of 10Mt and one of 5mt):

we use this HDMI cable:


and two Splitter like this:


(the image show ONE splitter on front/rear side, you will need two of these)

the first is to split the signal from the computer’s HDMI and carry the signal to the first monitor and from there to start the second HDMI cable connecting the second monitor.

That’s it! 🙂

Of course, you’ll be able to connect even MORE videos and/or video lyrics screens with the same method, using only ONE track into Livetraker 😉

Extra tips:

often people don’t know the size and kind of monitor to be used.

Resolution: basically any monitor from HD and higher resolution will work perfectly.

Size: it depend on how big is your stage, the video shows us into a 10 Meters (32Ft) using 23Inch monitors

Click on image to see it on Amazon

we just choose this because it is very easy to handle and lightweight, but you can use ANY monitor you wish, but do NOT use GLOSSY monitors!!

Glossy screens will reflect lights making them difficult to read on stage!

Finally an important tip about Monitor support.

We use a very simple solution: a guitar stand perfect for our monitors!

Click image to see it on Amazon

If you still haven’t downloaded the full FREE Livetraker Trial click here!

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