Requirements and Operating system?

Mac Version: macOS 11 to Monterey. M1 and Intel Cpu’s supported.

Windows Version: Windows 10, 11

Linux , IOS, Android are not supported.

Hardware Minimum suggested: Intel i5 or superior, 8Gb RAM, SSD hard Disk.

Note: while Livetraker has almost no limits in terms of tracks and channels, the real number of external outputs (audio, video etc..) is defined by your own hardware.

Example about external video management:

MacM1 standard cpu let you connect only 1 external monitor, M1Pro and M1Max let you use higher number.

Older MAC based on Intel CpU’s let you connect till to 3 external monitors.

Same criterias apply for audio cards and/or windows OS systems

Such limitation are NOT related to Livetraker, but to hardware machine and his OS.