Livetraker Summer

Hi Livetrakers,

in August we will do not post so much into the group or Blog… because we take some rest while we do Live concert… 🙂

Anyway we don’t stop development, means we’ll work around some marketing ideas for V4 launch, that is approaching.

We know that worldwide users are waiting for V4 release, and be sure that will do that in 2018 as we promise.

Livetraker4 will be our new flagship, so we want to start the “new era” at our best.

Meanwhile, here are some replies to some common question on V4

  • V3 users will access freee access to V4?

No, sorry, v4 is a major release. Of course V3 users will receive a special discount to move on V4 😉

  • V3 trial users will have discount?

No, rebate will be valid only for V3 active license

  • V4 will have different version or just one, as V3 ?

No, the approach will be different. The core will be the same and shared to alll version, but features will be scaled.

This way you’ll be able to choose the best version for your needs

for example: some users doesnt use Video Tracks, others are struggle to wait for this features from years… of course these are two completely different users of Livetraker, and we want to release the most suitable package for each on them

  • V3 will continue to run?
  • i will be obliged to upgrade to v4?

V3 will stay there and will run perfectly as actually do, means that you’re not obliged to move onto V4 if you don’t want to do that.

Of course when V4 will be out, developement of V3 will stop, and tech support will be granted for next 24 months.

So, let me recap: we do not force you to move to V4, but if you use Livetraker on stage, best choice is to move on


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