Livetraker V4 is approaching

After so much work finally the new version is about to arrive.

We will soon be able to declare the expected release date.

The four version brings with it many new features, but above all a complete rewriting of the code, thanks to the adoption of much more advanced frameworks than the first version.

All this will result in an increase in stability, which is already excellent in current versions, but also an increase in overall performance.

We know you’re struggling… but we ask you again to be patient to allow  us to optimize what is necessary, not only for the core system, but also related information, video guides, etc.

In any case, the biggest part of the work has been done and therefore we are approaching the debut of the new version four that we can guarantee will be released into last quarter of 2018

V4 New features

there will be really a lot of news, but it is worth mentioning the two main ones:

  • Visual management of the length and position of audio tracks directly in the editor

This will allow you to arrange any audio tracks that are not perfectly aligned without having to resort to editing via DAW, as well as allow you to use the recordings made on the spot and insert them with a few clicks within an existing sequence

The possibilities of this new feature are really many and can adapt to any kind of musical training

  • Management of video tracks

this innovation will  sign Livetraker as the fist product in its segment that manages everything in a simple, immediate, fast and intuitive way.

  • New Marketing Model

V4 will be available  as a standard software plus some add-ons (like apps) to increase  functionality

this is  an excellent way to let people choose the right “custom”  platform for their suits

We’ll publish into this blog  all future news, therefore…..stay tuned!!

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