Partnership Program

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Why Become a Partner?

Because we offer a unique product, no contract, fees, obligations…just advantages!

1. Livetraker’s Partnership Program is free to join and without contractual minimums to be respected.

2. We assign you a private coupons to gift your customers, so they will be able to purchase directly from us at a discounted price.

3. You receive a 30% commission on each generated sale.

Who can become a Partner?

  • Musical Instrument Shops (Online / Physical)
  • Music schools
  • Rehearsal rooms
  • Artistic agencies
  • Recording studios
  • Magazines
  • Web Influencers (music related)

How to join

Just fill and send, no need to notify us, the system will do anything for us. Our Commercial Department will notify you when your account will be ready to go.

Operating modes

Livetraker is a digital software (no box) that is delivered and licensed via the web via electronic download on this official website.

The Partner, after signing the partnership agreement, will be published into “partner” section of main website and will receive:

  • Basic advertising material (digital files)
  • Online account for checking sales commissions

Commercial Rules

1. The partnership is free

2.No minimum target to be respected in sales.

3. The Partner will be listed in the Partners section of the official Livetraker website

4. The Partner will receive a Special Dscount Code to give to customers, so they will be able to purchase at a discounted price compared to the official website.

In this way, the end-user has an economic advantage that will lead him to buy through the retailer channel instead of directly from the site.

Partner Commission on each sales: 30% (thirty percent).

Each sale that arrives from the coupon code associated with the Partner is tracked. On every successful sale, you receive the commission. Each coupon code is unique and joined to a specific Partner.


the commissions are paid on the 5th day of the following month through the Paypal platform.

Payments will be done by the BizRoundLLC Paypal’s Verified Business Account.

For those who do not have it, remember that a Paypal account is free and has no management costs. Opening a Paypal account is really easy to do, find lots on Infos on google, PayPal itself and also videos like this

Tech and Commercial Support

Only by opening a Support ticket at our helpdesk

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