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if you haven’t checked out Livetraker to run your motion graphics and sequences for your live show, we highly recommend the program. 

Kalimba band

The spirit of Earth wind & fire

I just want to say thank you for putting together this product.  

I was using Ableton Live, but searching a more dedicated and tailored solution for live shows with my two live bands.

Result: in less than 2 hours with Livetraker i recreated amount of work that usually required to me till 3 days with Ableton Live.!!

Also, Livetraker it is very resource friendly and 100% stable even with a 5 years old MacBook Pro!! Great Job guys!

Micheal Graja


To be honest, i was skeptical, because the software is really inexpensive..but now i can say that it is  a very stable profram, perfect for live concert.

Just one computer let us manage almost all our live needs.

MM Petitfrere

pride play u2

I ever use Ableton live but i was looking for a video player to trigger via midi from Ableton when I found your product.

After trying it i began to realize your solution to a live performance is much better streamlined. 

I rehearsed with my group using livetraker and we were amazed at the speed, functionality, reliability and stability of this product. 

As another cusmoer wrote, Livetraker it’s a “jem” for Live musicians: thank you!

Stephen Grahm


We’ve moved to Livetraker in 2018, we manage 2 lyrics screen plus two video wall. meanwhile livetraker manage our ensemble backtraks.
Before Livetraker we used 2 computers with a dedicated person on stage: now our drummer is able to manage everything with one click! 

We absolutely recommend Livetraker 

Valerio Simonelli

musician and vocalist

I’ve been searching for years for a program that could handle audio, midi, video, lyrics : Livetraker does this and much more. 

I can’t believe that I only recently found this program, because i am also a programmer so i usually know almost all solution for each needs. 

Livetraker is the best program out there for running a live show at a super cheap price, but with a superior quality.

Really, Livetraker it’s fantastic! 

Darrel Duncan

musician and programmer

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