Why Version 4.7 it is the most important release in 2022



on March, we wrote an article about “new mission”.

Livetraker Mission Renew

at the bottom of the post we wrote this:

we want to return to the previous way of working on this project to improve what is there without, at least shortly, adding functions that are not essential and fundamental for the use by the vast majority of users.

Version 4.7 is exactly this: hard work increases stability and compatibility instead of searching/adding new features.

If you’re using Version from you will not see any “changes” in features and/or GUI. Still, for sure, you’ll experience a lot more stability (especially in complex systems/setup).

We are not saying Livetraker is now perfect and 100% Bug-free because no software is;

Anyway, we are almost sure that we are returning to the right way: giving the right features and excellent stability.

Next step?

Continue to improve the product by following this mission.

But from September we will also start a big job on communication:

  • Increase the contents of the blog to give suggestions about the use of the program
  • Rewrite the user manual in a new and more dynamic form
  • Create short tutorials, including the one on how to create the lighting program via midi in a simple way

Stay tuned 😉