The Best Software for Live Bands

sofware for live band

Manage any kind of MULTITRACKS on Stage with ONE computer!

Audio, Lyrics, Videos, Midi Controls, Song List, Effects, Clicks, OSC.

Do you use ANY KIND of backtracks?

Then you NEED Livetraker!

LIVETRAKER manage any kind of Multitracks : Audio, Text, Video, Midi Controls, Clickshow on ONE computer (Mac or Win).

Mobile apps, basic media players and sequencers are not the solution because are not born for this purpose!

Livetraker is the ONLY software designed to manage Live Band Performances on stage, in a easy and affordable way.


Main Features


Livetraker V4 is ASIO compatible and support almost all audio interfaces u to 64 outputs (32 stereo couples).Unlimited audio tracks each one equipped with mixer, equalizer, compressor, reverb, delay. All effects are not destructive.


Livetraker V4 comes with a full-featured text editor with the ability to display time-programmable text passages. Setlists can be quickly created and saved during the performance.


Manage multiple video tracks with separate time locators and size, than assign them up to 3 external monitors!

With Livetraker you’llbe able to use video like a PRO on stage, without the related expenses

Media Control

manage different media (video, audio etc..), integrate texts and effects . Once saved you will get a simple folder containing the whole project and a copy of original media files, that will not be modified at all.

Midi Controls

LIVETRAKER has a complete set dedicated to the management of Midi commands.Send program changes and / or effects , keyboards , digital devices or connect any DMX control unit to control the lights or special effects. MTC is 100% supported.

Unlimited License Usage

Install and activate Livetraker on a USB drive and use it on every computer you own! Additional and/or Internal licenses are also available at discounted prices.

Customer feedbacks….


if you haven’t checked out Livetraker to run your motion graphics and sequences for your live show, we highly recommend the program.


I just want to say thank you for putting together this product.

I was using Ableton Live, but searching a more dedicated and tailored solution for live shows with my two live bands. Result: in less than 2 hours with Livetraker i recreated amount of work that usually required to me till 3 days with Ableton Live. Also, Livetraker it is very resource friendly and 100% stable even with a 5 years old MacBook Pro!! Great Job guys!


I ever use Ableton live but i was looking for a video player to trigger via midi from Ableton when I found your product. After trying it i began to realize your solution to a live performance is much better streamlined. I rehearsed with my group using livetraker and we were amazed at the speed, functionality, reliability and stability of this product, perfect for live musicians.


To be honest, i was skeptical, because the software is really inexpensive. Now i can say that it is a very stable program, perfect for live concert.


We manage 2 lyrics screen plus two video wall while livetraker manage our ensemble backtraks. Before Livetraker we used 2 computers with a dedicated person on stage: now our drummer is able to manage everything with one click!


I’ve been searching for years for a program that could handle audio, midi, video, lyrics : Livetraker does this and much more. I can’t believe that I only recently found this program, because i am also a programmer so i usually know almost all solution for each needs. Livetraker is the best program out there for running a live show at a super cheap price, but with a superior quality. Really, Livetraker it’s fantastic!

Features Overview

Main Windows

“NO FRILLS” interface , engineered by hearing hundreds of feedbacks from live musicians, worldwide.No “fancy” buttons, but BIG ones: perfect to PLAY live!A fast , usable and easy interface from where you will be able to access anything in few clicks.Low learning curve: you will be able to start working live in minutes!

Sequencer View

An overall view of any tracks you’re using, their position and lenght.You can move any single tracks like into a DAW, to change its position start and so on.You can add realtime effects like EQ and Compressor and save it instantly with the song without altering the original file.You will be able to manage VISUALLY any kind of tracks: audio, video, midi, clicks, text

Mix & Routing

Control anything, anywhere!Subgroup routing of Audio and Midi tracks 8 Monitor subgroup-mixer for individual mono/stereo mixesAudio output up to 32 stereo channels and/or 64 mono channels. Of course max phisical outputs number depend on you soundcard features.

LIvetraker Track View

Track View

easily assign any tracks to subrouting mix. Drag ‘n ‘ Drop is support for an easy organization and/or replacement.Active solo and/or mute for each track on the fly, remove and add tracks even when system is playing!Set MTC, Metronome Click, Midi controller Tracks …you can do anything!

Lyrics Editor & Sync

insert, edit, copy, paste, create, format text and set timing from the integrated editor: change size, colours and more.Assign a timing is a snap, just click in realtime when do you want the text will appear on screenFour type of lyrics scrolling available: Flip, Scroll, block and manual too.


Video Controls

V4 PRO system can handle 1 internal + 3 external Video screens, each one with a different video track. All common video format are supported.


Preferences Section

Set your main global controls into a single location.Everything you need to set is here, like audio, midi, assignments, routing, external video sources and more.Setting your Shortkeys to navigate in custom way into the system or chaining external hardware.Set all midi command , input, clock, remote control and more.

New features are often added.

F.A.Q. – Frequently Answered Questions

What is Livetraker?

A software designed to manage all aspect for a music live concert on Stage. With a single computer you will be able to manage backtracks, Click Tracks, Lyrics tracks, Video Tracks, Midi events , realtime effects and more.

Livetraker can be used like a karaoke player?

Livetraker is NOT a karaoke player but a professional solution for live music. If you’re searching a karaoke software Livetraker is NOT for you!

Do you offer a Demo or Free Trial?

Sure! You can Download our full FREE demo with NO expiration. No Credit Cards required.


(limitations: max 5 songs – length limited to 3:15 mins)

Do you offer Refund?

NO. You can download our software for FREE and test it as long as you wish and after you will be able to decide if to buy or not. Read our TOS before purchase.

Do you offer Support?

Of course! Active Customer receive Premium Ticket Support, Customers and Trial User can discuss at our Facebook Group.

Who you are?

A team of marketers and coders, but first of all we are musicians too! The project started in Germany in 2010, after 8 years the brand was acquired by a USA company , BizRound LLC. After one year of full developement, the V4 comes to the light and point to become the reference software for manage live show on stage for bands.

Requirements and Operating system?

Mac Version: OS X 10.9 and higher

Win Version: Windows 10 and higher

Linux , IOS, Android are not supported.

Minimum requirements: CPU dualcore 2.0 GHz, 4Gb ram. Suggested: Intel i5 or superior, 8Gb RAM, SSD hard Disk

What is your UNLIMITED usage license?

The license can be activated into a USB pen drive and then you can use it to an unlimited number of computers you own (once at time). You cannot Copy / Move the license from a pen to another. Additional Licenses (for USB and/or INternal HD drive) are available inside the Customer area at super discounted prices. Again: licenses are NOt transferable.

livetraker audio midi text video player

Win and Mac OS version available

Instant Download

Pay safely with Paypal, Credit Cards, Bank Transfer

Livetraker is a digital downloadable software, NO shipping, NO usb pendrive included.

Read our license agreement before purchase and follow instructions carefully after purchase because licenses are NOT refundable!

Latest Release: 4.5.6