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1. Tech Support is ONLY for Active Customers: you need a valid order number to open a ticket! If you still have not purchase Livetraker or are using our TRIAL, please post a question into the forum, and we will reply there to your question.

2.Helpdesk is open from Monday to Friday, 10:00/17:00, CET +1.
Average reply time is from 8 to 24hours.

3. Do NOT open multiple tickets or send emails or post same issue on Social network because you will NOT be answered.

4.BE KIND! Do not be rude and /or use inappropriate words in your message: non educate people are NOT welcome here.

5.CHECK the FORUM! Common questions are usually answered into our FORUM here and also you will be able to talk with other Livetraker users.

Tickets that do not respect the above rules will be automatically close!

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