livetraker audio midi text video player

The Best Software for Live Bands


Audio Backtracks, Effects, Lyrics, Videos, Midi Commands, Clicks….and more!

Livetraker is a software specifically designed to manage Live Bands Performances on Stage.


Many bands use software or too limited (like some iOS apps) or dedicated to live recording (for example Ableton Live).


These applications are NOT the solution because are NOT created for this purpose, so often the artists, the lack of a concrete alternative, use (improperly) these tools … which are certainly excellent, but cannot reach the level of completeness, reliability, and ease of use of Livetraker.


Sequences, Lyrics, videos, midi commands and much more can be managed with a single computer…


Audio Tracks


Livetraker V4 supports audio interfaces with up to 32 outputs and UNLIMITED tracks, each one fully equipped with mixer and digital effects like eq, compressor, reverb, delay. 


You can manage up to 16 Subgroup stereo channels (32 Mono). 


Full features list here

Midi Controls


Livetraker V4 supports MTC (midi time clock), midi clock and individual midi events, useful to launch program changes or control external effects or lighting system with DMX.


Full features list here

Video Tracks


Upgrade Your Live Show to the Next Level! 


Livetraker V4 lets you manage multiple video tracks.


You’ll be able to assign theses up to 3 external monitors!


Full features list here



Livetraker V4 comes with a full-featured text editor with the ability to display time-programmable text passages.



Setlists can be quickly created and saved during the performance as well as change the order of the songs in realtime.

  Full features list here


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ONE License

UNLIMITED Computers!

Just install and activate Livetraker on removable media like USB drives and you can use it on every computer you own! License it is NOT transferable. Read more into Below FAQ SECTION 

A real example of LIVETRAKER usage: a live concert of Caporali Coraggiosi” (Italy)


The Band use 2 Lyrics monitors, 2 video projection, play 6 audio clicks and several backtracks with ONE computer and LIVETRAKER.

Voice of Customers…

if you haven’t checked out LIVETRAKER to run your motion graphics and sequences for your live show, we highly recommend the program! 



We have several videos to help you use and learn Livetraker at best level. Click button below to Subcribe official Youtube Channel !



In our blog we release useful articles related to how improve stage performances




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livetraker audio midi text video player

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Livetraker?

A software designed to manage all aspect for a music live concert on Stage. 


With a single computer you will be able to manage backtracks, Click Tracks, Lyrics tracks, Video Tracks, Midi events , realtime effects and more. Check features here

Livetraker can be used like a karaoke player?

Livetraker is NOT a karaoke player but a professional solution for live music.


If you’re searching a karaoke software Livetraker is NOT for you!

It is mandatory to install into USB Drive?

For the main license yes, then you can purchase an additional license to install into your hard disk.


Anyway keep in mind that license is NOT transferable, so in the case you change computer or hard disk you will NOT able to MOVE the HARD Disk license to the new one!


the best tip is to install Livetraker onto a removable drive (Ext HD/SD Card/USB Pen) and use it everywhere: it’s that easy!

USB Pen is included?

NO. We send you only the digital file and the license.


You will be able to install onto a removable media of your choice.


A Good quality and fast support is suggested, no slow and super-cheap support

Songs must be put on same USB Drive of Software to work?

Of course not.

Data can be read from every media you want, it is your choice.

What are the differences from Qlab®?

Qlab® is a product designed to organize a live show whose management is by the technicians.


Livetraker is a solution that musicians can use on stage on their own, even modifying parameters in seconds even during performances

What are the differences from Ableton® Live?

Ableton® Live is a production tool that let you record on the fly, edit, manage sounds, loops, editing and more…


Livetraker is a professional player that manage every aspect of a Live performance.


Basically you have to prepare your backtracks, text, videos  whatever you want, then put all these kind of media inside Livetraker and it will manage everything for you on the fly

What is the difference from "video track" and "lyrics track"?

Video track let you manage video files and its related output to an external video/monitor/videowall (up to 3).


Lyrics Tracks is the TEXT management that can be show into the computer and also into an external monitor 

Will Work on MAC, Windows, Ipad, LInux...etc...

MAC and Windows version. 

Linux , IOS, Android not supported .

How do you give tech support?

We’re glad to support Customers: our ticket system is always ready to go!


Do you Offer a Trial Before buying?

Yes. We offer full FREE demo with NO expiration

No CreditCards required. 


The only limit is about to manage till 5 songs at time.


Click here to download Free Trial

Do you offer refund?

NO. You can download our software for FREE and test it as long as you wish and after you will be able to decide if to buy or not. 


Read our TOS before purchase. 

i own one MAC pc and one Windows pc: may i use same license?

NO, licenses are released for same operating system. If you have different OS you need to buy the related Livetraker product

My HD/PC is dead, may i have a new license?

NO! Licenses are NOT transferable


If your hardware need to be replaced, you can purchase an additional license at discounted price sending us teh copy of new hardware invoice at your name. The invoice must have same name of original issued license.

What does 12 month upgrades and support means?

You can access to members area with no limitation for 12 months and receive Premium Support and Updates Downloads.


After that time, if you want to download new versions, upgrades, patches and Premium support, you can purchase the Extension support pack at a very low price to renew downloads for additional 12 months.


This is NOT mandatory,  your last downloaded version will still run fine into your system lifetime, as per your license is.


Renewal services let our company to mantain low prices on Livetraker purchase and continue to develop it with new features and fixing. 

Who you are?

We are a team of marketers and coders, but first of all we are musicians too! 🙂


The project started in Germany in 2010, after 8 years the brand was acquired by a USA company , BizRound LLC.


After one year of full developement, the V4 comes to the light and point to become the reference software for manage live show on stage for bands.

I don't find the answer i need!

Don’t worry! Just open a ticket and we’ll be happy to reply asap!

livetraker audio midi text video player

The Best Software for Live Bands


Audio Backtracks, Effects, Lyrics, Videos, Midi Commands, Clicks….and more!


Livetraker is a digital downloadable software, NO shipping, NO usb pendrive included.

Not ready to buy? CLICK HERE to download our FREE and UNLIMITED Trial!

livetraker audio midi text video player

Livetraker is a trademark of BizRoundLLC, 1521 Concord Pike #303, Wilmington, 19803, Delaware , USA