NEW: improvements to the sequencer editor
– bugfix: midi controller no more sends to all midi subgroups at once


– Changed development target, minimum requirement on MAC now is OSX 10.7 (and higher) 
– added search text box for faster song search 
– added load and save buttons to save main preferences 
– added disabling or hiding of unused audio subgroups


  • bugfix: setlist showed wrong song length
  • bugfix: text editor did not save last character


  • fixes some window 8 specific issues
  • fixes a focus lost bug on windows & Mac


  • bugfix: key commands will now be saved correctly 
  • bugfix: possible crash at program termination should now be fixed (based on ApplicationCommandManager )


  • fix: midi control of start/stop, up/down, show lyric in fullscreen now working correctly 
  • windows installer is now 64bit and copies livetraker into correct program folder



  • fix: video did not play from beginning, when changing the start position of the track


  • fix: the length of videos was limited to 3 minutes 
  • New feature: 
    video: added ratio, horizontal- and vertical movement 
    video: added global dependence, in case your screen changes in size or shape 
    midi clock now integrated into click track

V4 released – Dec2018

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