Version 4.801

Final Update – Only MacOS – read carefully 3 points below!

1.This release make Livetraker fully compatible from MacOs 10.13 to latest. Please uninstall your actual installation before install the 4.801!

2.older MAC PC will not more receive updates! Mac OS operating system before 10.13 will no longer be supported because the point code has completely changed. Please note that 10.13 is about MacOs HighSierra, so we’re talking about 2010’s pc: we strongly suggest to move to new hardware asap, if do you want to continue using livetraaker at its latest version.

3.Windows users no need to update! You already have the full working version (4.8.0)

Version 4.8

For MacOs 13 and 14

  • Fixes: crash on MacOS Sonoma
  • Fix: wrong authentication at start on MacOS 13 (Ventura)and higher
  • Added: copy & paste EQ Channel Strip (incl. FX)


  • Banklist selection is now extra sorted alphabetically (Some had problems with the alphabetical order)
  • Removed track up/down in the sequencer view (It had no function in this view anyway)
  • Added Track lock/unlock function (see track parameters)
  • Increased the amount of connected midi interfaces


  • Playlist next song selection issue
  • Midi CTRL Track – execute immediately (load)
  • Added COPY/PASTE function to Midi CTRL Track


  • Program Editor: scrollbar (windows tablet) move on bottom position caused to crash
  • Midi Timecode MTC fixed (may have caused a crash)
  • Midi CTRL Track fixed (sended data even after its position)
  • Playlist BREAK – now jumps directly to the next song without playing it


  • IMPORTANTE CHANGE FOR WINDOWS USERS: READ BEFORE INSTALL! The minimum version requested is now Windows 10! If do you own olter windows version do NOT update to this version until you’ll update your OS.

– improved sequencer view: tracks can now be moved anywhere

– bugfix: starting playing at end of a midifile resulted in an app crash

– bugfix: the first track (e.g. clicktrack) was not visible in the sequencer view.

Version 4.7.3

  • Improved import of midi files (fixes length of midi track)
  • Audio Track: The equalizer is now parametric
  • Locator positions are now visible in the main progress bar

Version 4.7.2

  • fixed: song selection per midi (bank/program) now selects and loads song correctly (MSB and LSB share the same function)
  • fixed: flickering cursor in text editor at song position ‘0:00:00’ 
  • fixed: keyboard focus problem
  • fixed: Click Track had slowed loading and the last hit (on ‘only lead in’) was not executed.

Version 4.7 (Core Update)

  • We recode all internal programming structure (also updated to all used additional programming library’s and compilers). 

Since the complete structure has changed, some bugs have been fixed automatically. 

  • High increase on stability.
  • Stop cross-memory conflicts and crashes in some (specific) cases, because you now only load one song into memory at a time

We’ve been testing this version for weeks now and it may still turn out with one or the other, through a certain type of use, that everything runs 100%. Otherwise please open a ticket, we are now back on the ball for quick changes.

Known issues: The font scaling on Windows is still not compatible with Livetraker. 

To fix leave it at 100% AND set “high DPI scaling override” into “system enhanced”



  • Bank selection and song select (in multiple bank mode) is now much faster
  • Some graphical interface improvements



  • Midi Controller Changes (bank select) fixed
  • keyboard focus problem solved (space & return key)



  • Added key shortcuts for set Video Ext1 – Ext3 to fullscreen
  • More colorful editor


  • MONITOR MIXER: routing now works properly
  • BANK: connections weren’t copied when moving songs to different positions
  • ENTER BUTTON: no more has button-focus
  • MIDI: Bank select now works again
  • MULTI BANK: appcrash fixed, when loading songs in quick succession



  • send note & controller reset after midi playback option (preferences)


  • using single BANK:  stop button was ignored when selecting another song while playback
  • all remaining midi notes where fired out, when stopping midi playback

Version 4.6.2

This release optimizes the use of multiple BANKs. This feature has been evolving lately. Alternatively, the use of genres (filtering the song SOURCE) is also recommended


  • use cursor keys (up/down/left/right) to navigate through BANKS and PROGRAMS
    added left + right keys to shortcuts (preferences)
  • midi input program change (preferences) offers now BANK numbering from 000
  • generally improved usage of multiple BANKS


  • song editing on Bank B, C, etc.. affected the song loaded in BANK A
  • time never stopped to count, when using multiple Banks

Version 4.6.1

  • new: Gallery Track Automatic Photo slideshow
  • new: extended time display of the current setlist length, like 0:04:30
  • bugfix: When using multiple setlists, sometimes no audio was output
  • optimized: Background Logo (or Video)

Version 4.6.0

– Bugfix: adding songs to playlist with double-click now works again (without freezing the playlist)
– Bugfix: midi track now plays the last event of a midi file
New: play connections between songs (Playlist/BANK)
New: Play Video instead Logo into background 

Version 4.5.6


  • midi notes are now shown in the Sequencer view
  • duplicate selected tracks – button in the sequencer view
  • External screens can now be switched to fullscreen mode (preferences / video)
  • Compatible on new Apple® M1 CPU processors


  • lyric editor could not be closed under certain circumstances

Version 4.5.5


  • Automatic License Activation : automatic keyfile download and activation (require one internet connection then can be used offline for a certain period). Old key files (till to version 4.5.4) can still be read in manually.


Version 4.5.4


  • OSC integration (transport and song select controls)
  • Updated programming code for future compatibility (Mac & Win)


  • Extended Monitor Mixer (mute and solo controls / renaming the monitor)
  • Improved tablet operation (Win)


  • Fixed: waveform display (sequencer view)
  • Fixed: some wrong GUI displays (e.g. menu font)

Version 4.5.3


  • Display Waveforms in Sequencer View
  • Show Subgroup Namens into Audio Monitor Mixer


  • Subgroup Mixer to audio Monitor mixer
  • Lyrics Scrolling

Version 4.5.2


    • video length issue
    • fixed and optimized sequencer view: selecting and moving multiple tracks at the same time now works correctly
    • song select per midi note or program
    • fixes video length issue
    • fixes and optimizes sequencer view

GUI improvements

    • Side List Removed
    • Song edit Windows: Save & Cancel Buttons now moved to upper right
    • Locator Tool: is only an information tool, which let’s you document parts/positions of the song. Also it has the option to stop the song when reaching it. this way you can create scenes of a show


4.5.1 bugfix: text colors are saving correctly now

4.5.0 – NEW: Setlist export to excel file. the option is available under BankOptions -FIX and IMPROVEMENT -bugfixes (midi track, text editor) -gui improvements (preferences) -Website -restyling of My Account Area -Premium Ticket Support integrated into Private Area

4.4.0 – NEW: – Midi Control Track now processes up to 10 events at the same time – Background Band Logo Image support -FIX and IMPROVEMENT -updated third party libraries for more cross-platform-stability

DEC2019 – END OF LIFE for Stagetracker 2 and 3 and Livetraker 3. These products are not still supported and all grace period for discouted updates are expired.

4.3.0 – NEW: improvements to the sequencer editor: added a song length slider smoother scrollbar behaviour stores last zoom state of each song – NEW: preferences – move video to fullscreen button – NEW: color selector (preferences) for changing the text editor colors -BugFix: some minus tweaks

4.2.0 – New: compatible to MacOS Catalina – New: can be installed and activated on one removable Media (Usbpen or SD Card) for running on multiple computer systems – Bugfix: midi input control – Bank Change now processes correct MSB & LSB – Bugfix: midi input control – Program Change now processes correct value

4.1.1 – NEW: improvements to the sequencer editor – bugfix: midi controller no more sends to all midi subgroups at once

4.1.0 – Changed development target, minimum requirement on MAC now is OSX 10.7 (and higher) – added search text box for faster song search – added load and save buttons to save main preferences – added disabling or hiding of unused audio subgroups

4.0.8 bugfix: setlist showed wrong song length bugfix: text editor did not save last character

4.0.6 fixes some window 8 specific issues fixes a focus lost bug on windows & Mac

4.0.5 bugfix: key commands will now be saved correctly bugfix: possible crash at program termination should now be fixed (based on ApplicationCommandManager )

4.0.4 fix: midi control of start/stop, up/down, show lyric in fullscreen now working correctly windows installer is now 64bit and copies livetraker into correct program folder

4.0.3 fix: video did not play from beginning, when changing the start position of the track

4.0.1 fix: the length of videos was limited to 3 minutes New feature: video: added ratio, horizontal- and vertical movement video: added global dependence, in case your screen changes in size or shape midi clock now integrated into click track V4 released – Dec2018