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Please READ this page BEFORE do anything!

1.Follow the Rules!

99% of issues about installation and activation are caused by customers that don’t follow correctly our detailed instructions.

Read our Online Manual and check videos at our Youtube channel


License are activated MANUALLY by opening a ticket from your customer area.

Our working time is Monday to Friday, from 10AM to 5PM  > UTC/GMT +2 hours

You can start working with Livetraker and use it at it’s max power also if not activated: ALL features are active also in TRIAL mode, except that you are not able to load more that 5 songs.

Just login into your account, download install and check Livetraker in TRIAL mode, without activate the License!

When you’ll be sure that Livetraker will run successfully to your computer, you’ll be able to activate your Lifetime license.

If you active the license you will not able to apply for a refund also if your computer doesn’t fit the requirements!!

3.Something goes wrong? DON’T PANIC!

  • Don’t send email!
  • Don’t post message on Facebook!
  • Don’t open Paypal Dispute!

This approach it’s just a waste of time and will NOT solve any problem!

  • Be calm: we’re glad to assist you, but we’re humans and we cannot reply “instantly” to any request.
  • Be correct: The only way to get support is open a ticket from your account
  • Be patient: we serve customers worldwide with different timezones, then it is possibile that…. we’re sleeping!! 😉

Read before login to your account

  • you’ve read anything on this page.
  • you accept the License Agreement.
  • you will test the software before activate the license

So now you can login to your account clicking here