How to record Midi Tracks to control Dmx Lights

Many people had asked for more information on how to easily program their lights via Midi through the DMX protocol.

So I made a short tutorial where I show my method and my equipment.

This video is not intended for DMX experts because things that I show are certainly already known to them, while instead it could be very useful to all those who need to program their lights in a simple way and without having to buy expensive equipment and require a very long learning because they are often really complex.

My system obviously it has limitations but I think it can brilliantly solve the problem of programming the lights for the vast majority of small bands.

I just hope it will be useful to many of you 🙂


What Dmx interface i need ?

You don’y need any DMX interface, just a DMX controller that has a Midi IN port (mandatory)

i will need to program manually all single scenes on the Dmx Controller?

Yes, of course. Anyway you has to to this with ANY systems.

Can i launch automatic program of my Light set?

Sure, just assign a scene /and a midi note) to the right DMX code of your light.

How many light can i control?

NO limit. Anyway if you chain lots of different light i suggest to get a DMX splitter. all will be more stable and also if a lights go wrong/off, all other will continue to run.

What kind of light can i control?

Any light tha has a DMX interface 🙂

Can i control a fog machine?

Yes. Anyway basic Fog machine usually has very limited dmx controls (usually on/off)

Can i program the dimmer?

No, but you can set the Dimmer intensity with a scene. So if you need a RED at 50% and a RED at 100% you will need to program 2 different scenes. Maybe there are some way to crete a dimmering editing the midinotes, but still not tried it.

How to know what are the note reference for each scene?

just read the manual of Dmx controller, it’s all there 😉

How do I program three different types of light and make them work together?

you simply have to create a scene by setting its effect for each light

How do I know the note numbers corresponding to the scenes

you need to refer to the DMX controller manual.

As a simple reference you can use this table

or check this

or this