Change Commercial Rules (JAN2023)

Starting from 2023, March 01, the commercial conditions of sale of our product will change. In order to avoid misunderstandings, we ask all active customers to read this article very carefully. the “Unlimited license” will no longer be available. The new licenses will have a lower initial purchase cost, but can be installed on a … Read more

Livetraker Mission Renew [Sep2022]

Our product has been on the market for many years now and has undergone various transformations over time. Today the product comes with a completely revised programming base compared to the original, with improved stability that allows it to deal with the frequent changes to the various operating systems for which it was designed. Our … Read more

How to record Midi Tracks to control Dmx Lights

How to record Midi Tracks to control Dmx Lights

Many people had asked for more information on how to easily program their lights via Midi through the DMX protocol. So I made a short tutorial where I show my method and my equipment. This video is not intended for DMX experts because things that I show are certainly already known to them, while instead … Read more