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Livetraker Mission Renew [Sep2022]

Livetraker Mission Renew [Sep2022]

Our product has been on the market for many years now and has undergone various transformations over time.

Today the product comes with a completely revised programming base compared to the original, with improved stability that allows it to deal with the frequent changes to the various operating systems for which it was designed.

Our customers know that we try to pay great attention to all the suggestions given to us to improve the product in terms of stability and bugs, but above all by trying to collect the greatest number of proposals for the implementation of new features and functionalities.

It is equally true that the increase in functionality often affects only a small part of the users of our software, and the proof is that there are old customers who still use version 3 with great satisfaction because, for their needs, it is sufficient.

Version 4 is much more complete, but we believe that what matters is to have a product that does fewer things but does them well.

We have internationally renowned artists performing on stages worldwide and still using early versions, such as 4.4, without needing to add anything at all.

However, we realized that, due to the desire to introduce new functions within the system, we had to shorten the programming times, BetaTest, etc.

This, as in the case of the latest version 4.6.1, even required the release of two patches In a very short time.

This is not our way of working, because for us it is first and foremost fundamental to maintain the great stability of the program which has made it, in recent years, a real reference on a world level.

For example, Italian users know that our product is now distributed by the largest Italian dealer of products for top-level recording and music studios (midiware), demonstrating that professionals consider the Tracker a mature product , stable, professional and reliable.

We cannot make the mistake of losing even a small part of this reliability in favor of inserting new functions which, according to the data we found, are used by less than 5% of our customers.

Therefore, we want to return to the previous way of working on this project to improve what is there without adding functions that are not essential and fundamental for the use by the vast majority of users.

Livetraker will continue to receive new features aimed at improving the product, as we have always done all these years, let’s just say that this will not be the primary goal.

Stay Tuned, Livetraker new mission has just started 😉